Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd provides training as an integral component of our comprehensive HSE consulting service. Typically, this training has been customised for clients and has focused on the presentation of findings and recommendations or implementation of systems and work procedures arising from previous investigations. In most cases coursework has been developed, specific to each client. This coursework includes workbooks, presentations, other training material and assessment tasks.

Effective training is based on effective communication. Our instructors/trainers at Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd know their audience, select language that is appropriate to the group and choose a complimentary communication style.

We recognise six key points in adult training:

  • Participants have valuable experience.
  • Participants like to take some control over their learning
  • Active participation aids the retention of knowledge
  • Learning is more effective if it is reinforced
  • Participants like to see the relevance of what they are learning to their work and life; and
  • Participants enjoy learning but it can be threatening

Our training packages and presentation style have been developed to incorporate the following principles of adult learning:

  • Things learned last are remembered best
  • Appropriateness – Ensure that what you present and how you communicate it is appropriate to your audience and purpose
  • Motivation – What’s in it for me?
  • Primacy – Things learned first are learned best
  • Communication – Shared ideas, consider possibilities, learn from others, be responsive, and acknowledge experiences
  • Feedback – Actively seek feedback
  • Active Learning – Use practical exercises, encourage discussion
  • Multi-Sense Learning – The more the 5 senses are involved the more effective the learning: and
  • Exercises – Revision & retention aids.