Room & Building Acoustics

In recent years there has been an increased interest in acoustics in office buildings, factory spaces, childcare centres and residential dwellings. It is acknowledged that reducing noise levels in living and working environments improves the quality of life and also contributes to an improvement in health. Building and room acoustics are the key factors to achieving this. In general, building acoustics may be considered the counterpart of room acoustics because both refer to sound propagation in buildings. However, while the goal of room acoustics is to optimise sound transmission and listening conditions in a room, in building acoustics, we are trying to impede sound transmission between adjacent rooms of a building or prevent external noise from entering the building.

Our expertise

Our noise and vibration management capability is supported by comprehensive and high quality services, including:

Building accoustics
  • Detail and advice relating to the Building Code of Australia sound insulation requirements;
  • DA noise intrusion assessments;
  • Acoustic testing in situ or in laboratory – windows, ventilation, walls, floors;
  • Building service design;
  • Acoustic design of spaces;
  • Acoustic privacy and intelligibility test;
  • Fire detection, warning alarms and Intercommunications Systems measurements and assessments;
  • Floor impact test.

For further information regarding room and building acoustics, please contact:

Toby Dudman: 0448 046 611