Hazardous Material Consultant




  • Bachelor of Science (University of Western Sydney)
  • MSc Environmental & Analytical Chemistry (Qualifying, Honours program)
  • Certificate in Colour Theory
  • OHS General Induction for Construction (WorkCover Authority NSW)


  • Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists - Provisional Member.


Robert is an Environmental Chemist with over 14 years experience in production, laboratory and sales. With a strong technical background he was able to fit into a variety of roles such as Laboratory Technician, Colour Chemist and Quality Control Analyst. Over time Robert diverted his career path to the sales industry developing a partnership in Computer Sales and working as a sales representative for Integral Energy.

While working for Johnson & Matthey as a Quality Control (QC) Analyst, he was able to develop, commission and train staff for a new barium flame method using the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. He also developed and implemented QC procedures for the analysis of Platinum Group metals using X-Ray Fluorescence.

As a QC Chemist with Vertikote Powder Coating he was responsible for supervising the production staff, running the laboratory and chemical treatment for the corrosion protection baths. He was also involved in managing and maintaining the waste water treatment area and liaising with Sydney Water and assisted with the development of a new Cold Dip Galvanising plant, working with senior chemists from Dulux.

Since joining Hibbs & Associates Pty Ltd he has conducted surveys of commercial, residential and industrial facilities for a range of hazardous building materials including asbestos, synthetic mineral fibre, lead-based paints and polychlorinated bi-phenyls. With the 7 years of experience gained at Hibbs, he has managed large portfolios with major clients such as the Sydney Opera House, Coles, AirServices, and the University of New England. His strong technical background is a valuable asset to his current role as a Senior Hazardous Materials Consultant when interfacing with clients.