Risk Management Programmes

While it is the ultimate goal for all Australian workplaces and residential housing to be free from asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paint systems and PCB electrical components, this is a long-term plan and may take decades to achieve. In the interim, it is necessary to:

  • identify the hazardous building materials;
  • evaluate the risks that those materials present to the users of the particular facility;
  • develop suitable hazard control strategies; in situ management options: – encapsulation; – enclosure; – defer action;€ removal; and where in situ management options are adopted for control of the hazardous building materials, develop and implement systems for managing, monitoring and maintaining them in a good and stable condition.

The success of any Risk Management Programme and hazard control strategy where hazardous building materials remain in situ, is contingent on the ability to ensure that they remain undisturbed and stable, and are maintained in good condition.

The Risk Management Programme should outline:

  • Company’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy with respect to hazardous building materials
  • Hazard Control Strategies for management of the hazardous building materials

The Risk Management Programme should also list the Operations and Maintenance Procedures for:

  • the implementation and ongoing operation of reporting and maintenance systems;
  • reviewing and modifying the Hazardous Building Materials Risk Management Programme as may be required;
  • updating the Hazardous Materials Registers when materials are removed or new materials (not previously listed) are identified;
  • periodical inspections of the hazardous building materials to update the qualitative risk assessments and procedures for implementing any work that may be recommended in subsequent inspection reports;
  • record keeping and medical surveillance;
  • the development of Safe Work Procedures;
  • staff training, particularly during the implementation phase of the programme.
  • the labelling of hazardous building materials
  • managing unexpected finds of unknown materials or suspected hazardous building materials; and
  • emergency clean up work and general requirements for remedial works

For further information regarding hazardous materials management contact:
Philip Hibbs on 0418 356 784
Michael Fisher on 0418 647 262