Occupational Noise

Noise induced hearing loss is one of the most compensable industrial injuries and represents a significant social and economic burden for Australia. While noise induced hearing loss is entirely preventable, once acquired, it is irreversible and can be very debilitating. An effective occupational noise exposure assessment can minimise the risk of noise induced hearing loss, improve employee morale, increase quality of production, reduce the incidence of stress-related disease and reduce employer exposure to compensation claims.

Our expertise

Our occupational noise management capability is supported by comprehensive and high quality measurement services, including:

Occupational noise
  • Preliminary review of facilities to assess whether there is an issue with respect to noise exposure and to identify high noise areas
  • Ambient noise assessment;
  • Personal sound noise exposure assessment (using dosimeters and sound level meter);
  • Advice on designation and signage for hearing protection zones;
  • Review of, and advice on, noise control measures;
  • Advice on the selection, use and maintenance of personal hearing protective devices;
  • Provision of training to management and personnel at risk regarding the requirements of the hearing conservation programme;
  • Providing audiometric testing at the beginning of employment to establish base level hearing and during employment to identify hearing loss;
  • Assistance with ongoing assessments to confirm that noise control measures are maintained and operating effectively;
  • Audiometric testing.

For further information regarding occupational noise assessments, please contact:

Ritesh Patel: 0417 420 405