Asbestos in Soil

Hibbs & Associates possess extensive experience in the assessment, remediation and management of asbestos contamination, both friable and bonded.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Consulting services for all asbestos related concerns

  2. Asbestos fibre air monitoring

  3. Soil and bulk sample collection

  4. In-house soil and bulk samaple analysis

  5. Management and advice on naturally occurring asbestos

  6. Delivery of asbestos awareness training to all levels of industry

  7. Preparation of Asbestos Risk Management Plans

  8. Preparation of Asbestos Removal Plans

HIbbs & Associates boasts the highest number of employees with AIOH (Association of Occupational Hygienists Inc.) membership in Australia, making us the leading force not only in asbestos services and knowledge, but also an overarching understanding and experience base in all faucets of occupational hygiene.

For further informations please contact:
Philip Hibbs 0418 356 784
MIchael Fisher 0418 647 262